Beach Resorts Makkum
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Makkum Beach Resort affiliate programme

Makkum Beach Resort is the place for a wonderfully relaxing holiday by the waters of the IJsselmeer. Guests can stay in villas, bungalows and flats of all shapes and sizes. That means there is something for every holidaymaker. A beautiful resort where adventure, relaxation and surprise come together and the laid-back beach feel is felt throughout. Soof Retreats' affiliate programme is offered through the reputable network TradeTracker.

What does Beach Resorts Makkum have to offer?

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Beach Resorts Makkum in short

At Beach Resorts Makkum, guests won't be bored for a moment thanks to the many facilities and beautiful surroundings. It is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking peace and quiet. At the resort, guests can play tennis, minigolf and, of course, enjoy various water sports on the IJsselmeer. The surrounding area offers historical towns, beautiful natural areas and other fun trips for young and old.


  • Beach and IJsselmeer
  • Bike & water sports rental
  • Sports & games
  • Fitness

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