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Explore the area of Friesland during your holiday

Beach Resorts Makkum is in Friesland at the IJsselmeer. On the edge of the IJsselmeer, you'll find the quietness and water which is inherent to the Frisian culture. This beautiful area does not only have lots of natural beauty, but there is also plenty to do in terms of culture. Below we have already listed some nice trips in Friesland for you, so you can have some anticipatory fun before going on holiday. For more information about the area, you can contact our reception.


Eleven cities of Friesland

Visit the Elfstedentocht cities; Sneek, Leeuwarden, Harlingen, Franeker, Hindeloopen, Bolsward, Dokkum, IJlst, Sloten, Stavoren, or Workum during your holiday. Tip: visit the 11 fountains in the eleven cities of Friesland.


You'll find beautiful nature around Makkum. It's not just the IJsselmeer that's beautiful, there are also beautiful nature reserves around Makkum, such as Makkumersúdwaard, where you can go on great hiking and cycling tours.

Swimming and wellness

Would you like to fully wind down? Visit the various wellness centers, such as De Leliehof. Or bring your family for a great swimming day in one the (indoor) swimming pools in the area, such as Moune Wetter.


Friesland has dozens of museums, such as Het Friese Museumdorp. Are you interested in history? Visit the Kazematten Museum. Nature lovers should not skip Afsluitdijk Wadden Center.

Play and theme parks

If you are taking your entire family on holiday, don't skip Ballorig Sneek or Heerenveen and Kameleondorp. Do you love animals? Visit the Aqua Zoo, the Petting Zoo or animal and play park Sanjesfertier.

Wadden Islands

A trip to the beautiful Wadden Islands is certainly worth the effort. During the crossing, you might even run into seals! Occasionally, you'll find more than a hundred of these unique animals sunbathing.


Makkum is an extremely diverse village with many options. Discover the enormous beaches, pleasant boulevards with great restaurants and shops, the lively historic village center and many water sports activities


There are plenty more trips to go on from our park. Among other things in the area, you can visit a water skiing course, jumpstyle, cinema, golf course, and a kart track and laser tag course!

Frisian sports

Friesland is rich in typical Frisian sports, such as skûtsjesilen, Frisian handball, fierljeppen, and ring jousting. Did you know that the best ljeppers can reach distances of 18 meters? Which typical Frisian sport will you try?


Giethoorn is a highly popular water region village in the head of Overijssel, at 55 minutes by car from Beach Resorts Makkum. Here, you can enjoy boat trips, hiking and cycling, or just explore this authentic village.

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'The resort is in an incredibly beautiful location at the IJsselmeer. A nice and well-maintained beach is right at our villa. We sailed over the lakes on a boat, and enjoyed the beautiful area and cozy towns. Beach Resorts Makkum is recommended!'

- Mr. B. stays in a 6-person Beachvilla