Beach Resorts Makkum
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Beach Resorts Makkum would like to point out that reservations you make are considered legally final. The right of withdrawal (the so-called reflection period) of 14 days, does not apply to agreements with Beach Resorts Makkum that you enter into. Should a reservation be cancelled, a cancellation fee is due (article 13. General Terms and Conditions)

If you cancel your reservation more than 28 days before the day of arrival, you will owe 30% of the agreed rent, plus reservation fees, subject to a minimum of € 75.

If you cancel your reservation less than or exactly 28 days before the day of arrival, you will owe the total rental amount plus reservation fees.

You can insure yourself against cancellation risk, by always participating in the Cancellation Fund when making your reservation. This may prevent a lot of trouble. Participation in the Cancellation Fund is only possible if agreed upon directly at the time of reservation.

Cancellation Fund

Below you will find articles from the Cancellation Fund.

1. General

1.1 We recommend that you always participate in the Cancellation Fund when making your reservation. This may prevent a lot of trouble. Participation in the Cancellation Fund is only possible if agreed upon directly at the time of reservation.
1.2 The Cancellation Fund entitles you to a refund of the (partial) amount received by Beach Resorts Makkum according to the confirmation/invoice, less the fee for the Cancellation Fund and €20 administration costs.
1.3 By participating in the Cancellation Fund, you agree to the Cancellation Fund Terms and Conditions.

2. Terms
2.1 Beach Resorts Makkum: Makkum Rent B.V.
2.2 Participant: the name listed on the confirmation/invoice.
2.3 1st or 2nd degree relatives: spouse, parents (in law and/or foster), children (foster and/or step), brothers, brothers-in-law, sisters (in law), grandparents and grandchildren. For children living with Participant, cohabiting with Participant and/or partner living with Participant, the same family relationships are used as for the Participant.

3. Fee
3.1 The fee is 4% of the rental amount with a minimum amount of € 25. This 4% fee includes insurance tax.

4. Period of validity
4.1 The Cancellation Fund is valid from the date of reservation according to the reservation confirmation/invoice and ends on the date of departure according to the confirmation/invoice.
4.2 Coverage begins after payment of the Cancellation Fund fee (see Articles 8.1 and 8.3 of the General Terms and Conditions).

5. Coverage
5.1 Compensation will be made for cancellation costs as a result of an unforeseeable event as listed in 5.1.1 to 5.1.10

5.1.1 Death, serious illness, or serious accidental injury to the Participant, 1st or 2nd degree relatives, or members of Participant's household.
5.1.2 Complications of pregnancy of the Participant or his/her cohabiting partner
5.1.3 Material damage (damage to things/physical objects) to Participant's property or the company where he works, necessitating his urgent presence.
5.1.4 A rental property unexpectedly becoming available to Participant, but not earlier than 30 days before the agreed stay as stated on the reservation confirmation/invoice.
5.1.5 A medically necessary operation that Participant, Participant's partner or a child living with him must unexpectedly undergo.
5.1.6 Unemployment of Participant after permanent employment, due to being made redundant.
5.1.7 The acceptance by an unemployed Participant of employment of at least 20 hours per week, for the duration of at least a 1/2 year or for an indefinite period of time, which requires his/her presence for its fulfillment at the time of the agreed stay as stated on the reservation confirmation/invoice.
5.1.8 Participant unexpectedly being called to retake an exam after a final exam which cannot be taken at a time other than during the agreed stay.
5.1.9 Permanent breakdown of Participant's marriage, for which divorce proceedings have been initiated. The dissolution of a notarized cohabitation contract is treated as equivalent to a breakdown of a marriage.
5.1.10 The failure, due to an external calamity, of the private means of transport to be used by Participant with which the trip was to be made, within 30 days before the start of the agreed stay as stated on the reservation confirmation/invoice.

5.2 Compensation will be granted for days not enjoyed as a result of a circumstance mentioned in 5.2.1 to 5.2.2. The compensation will be calculated according to the rental price in proportion of the number of days not enjoyed out of the total number of days booked.

5.2.1 Termination of stay due to an unforeseen event as listed in 5.1.1 to 5.1.6.
5.2.2 Unforeseen hospitalization (at least 1 overnight stay) of Participant, as a result of which termination is not possible, with all inpatient days during the agreed stay counting as unused days of the stay.

5.3 The maximum compensation can never exceed the amount on the written confirmation/invoice.
5.4 The compensation will be granted after deduction of the Cancellation Fund fee and €20 administration costs (Article 1.2).

6. Exclusions
6.1 No compensation will be made if Participant:

6.1.1 Makes a false statement and/or misrepresents
the facts. In that case, the right to compensation is forfeited.

6.2 No compensation will be paid as a result of an event:

6.2.1 (In)directly related to:

  • conflict situations, which includes armed conflict
  • civil war, insurrection, national unrest, riot and mutiny
  • atomic nuclear reaction, which means any nuclear reaction that releases energy
  • seizure and forfeiture
  • knowingly participating in hijacking, privateering, strikes or acts of terror

6.2.2 Caused or made possible by premeditation, gross negligence, suicide or attempted suicide or by the will of Participant.
6.2.3 In the event of or as a result of participating in or committing, or attempting to commit, a crime.

7. Obligations in case of cancellation
7.1 Demonstrate the circumstances leading to a request for compensation.
7.2 Submit genuine supporting documents.

8. Method of reporting
8.1 Participant is obliged to:

8.1.1 Immediately report, or at the latest report within 3 working days, any event which (possibly) results in the cancellation of your stay, to Beach Resorts Makkum.
8.1.2 Report a request for payment to Beach Resorts Makkum as soon as possible but no later than 1 week after the Cancellation Fund expires.