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Snack Bar employee vacancy

Beach Resorts Makkum is a unique holiday park at the IJsselmeer in Makkum. The park is situated right at the beach, making it a popular holiday destination for both Dutch and German tourists. Makkum is called the hidden gem of Friesland for good reason. Beach Resorts Makkum welcomes thousands of tourists each year, who are looking for a unique holiday experience. For our snack bar, we are looking for snack bar employees to provide our guests with delicious snacks during the 2023 season!

Located at the Beach Resort is snack bar 'Captain's Corner' where our guests are welcome to enjoy tasty snacks.
As a Snack Bar Employee, you ensure the fryer keeps running at full speed. A service-oriented attitude and hospitality are your regular ingredients.
Do you enjoy to allow our guests to enjoy the perfect French fries, are you always hospitable and are you looking for an active job in catering with diverse activities? If so, we are looking for you! It's hard work, but there is always a holiday mood.

What will you be doing?

As a snack bar employee, you ensure your guests can enjoy their fries, croquette, an ice cream or one of the other treats from our snack bar optimally. You ensure you always deliver good quality in everything you sell. Hospitality and a service-oriented attitude are your regular ingredients.
As a Snack Bar Employee, you ensure the fryer keeps running at full speed. You take one order after another and process them. Together with your pleasant coworkers, you ensure our guests promptly get their fries and snacks so they can enjoy them. Always with a smile, even when it is busy and hectic. This is something you should be able to handle well. Providing good service is always your priority! You ensure the snack bar always looks perfect. Cleaning the area and materials is part of your job as well. This means there's plenty of diversity!


Function requirements

  • You have experience working at a snack bar and you are familiar with the HACCP regulations; 
  • You can quickly adapt to changes;
  • The willingness and flexibility to work in a changing schedule and to be deployed during weekends, holidays and holiday periods; 
  • You have your own means of transportation.

What you can offer us:

  • You have an eye for detail, you see the spots others do not;
  • You can cooperate well, but also do not mind working alone;
  • You are flexible, both in the weekends and throughout the week;
  • You do not lose track of the cleaning performance of the cleaning team, and you also feel responsible for it;
  • Overtime? You'll get the work done. 

Does working for us sound good to you and are you the snack bar employee we are looking for? 

If so, email your letter of motivation and CV to 

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