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Beach Resort Makkum
Beach Resort Makkum
Beach Resort Makkum
Beach Resort Makkum

Can I easily reach the park by public transport?

The closest bus stop is located at approximately 200 meters from the park's entrance. For detailed and up-to-date travel information, please visit the 9292ov website.

Is a wheelchair available at the park?

No, no wheelchair is available at the park.

Can I rent wheelchairs/equipment?

Beach Resorts Makkum does not offer the option of renting wheelchairs/equipment. However, you can order them yourself through The rented items will be delivered here on the date you agreed upon with them. We appreciate it if you can let us know when to expect any equipment (which items, arrival date and the name on the reservation). In case you have rented/ordered something, would you be so kind as to notify us?

I would like to receive visitors during my stay at the park. How does this work?

  • Visitors who will not spend the night:

When guests visit just during the day, they do not have to be registered with us. Depending on the number of parking spots still available at your accommodation, they can park at your accommodation? When no spots are available, they can park in the general parking area.

  • Visitors who will stay overnight: 

Guests who stay overnight are only allowed if they do not cause you to exceed the maximum number of persons allowed at the accommodation. You can register visitors in advance or upon arrival at the park. It is important to know in advance how many persons will visit and which nights they will be at the park. You will pay bed linen (€10 per person) and the resort tax (€1.75 per person per night) for visitors.

What happens to found/lost items?

When you've lost something at the park or forgot something at the accommodation, please notify reception immediately. We will contact you directly in case it is found.

When you've found something at your accommodation or at the park, you can hand it in at reception. They will track down the owner (if possible) and return the found item. In case the item must be sent by post, the associated costs are at the recipient's expense.

Beach Resorts Makkum is not responsible for whether a lost item is found or not.

Do you rent out children's furniture as well?

The following children's furniture is available for rent:

- Children's bed (1.20 m x 0.90 m) * (it is mandatory to rent bed linen too)
- Children's chair
- Children's box
- Stair gate

* Children up to and including 2 years can sleep in a children's bed. Children 3 years and up sleep in a big bed.

Does the resort tax apply to babies as well?

The resort tax is not mandatory for babies.