Beach Resorts Makkum

Park regulations

Through these park regulations, Beach Resorts Makkum wants to make sure all guests truly enjoy their stay at the park.

  1. Be considerate of other guests, who have come here to unwind and have fun, just like you.
  2. Every home has a private plot, potentially including a jetty, which must be respected at all times. It is not allowed to enter the plot/jetty of another home.
  3. We request you to not use the garden at your home as a soccer or volleyball pitch. There is suitable space for this at the recreation pitches.
  4. You are not allowed to dig holes, with regard to the cables, pipes, and other facilities in the ground.
  5. Keep the plot, the buildings, the plants, and the gardens clean and do not damage anything.
  6. Camping in a tent, caravan, or camper van is not allowed.
  7. Dogs have to be leashed at all times (also on the beach). You must deposit the excrements of your pet in the dog waste bins at the park. From April 15 to October 1, a municipal ruling unfortunately does not allow you to bring your dog onto the beaches.
  8. Intentionally creating noise disturbances is forbidden.
  9. The park must be quiet between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m., which means no music, engines running stationary, or sailing with an engine etc.
  10. You are not allowed to light open fires; be aware of fire hazards.
  11. Barbecuing is allowed, but only if you keep enough distance from the home, and near homes with thatched roofs only use electric or gas barbecues.
  12. You are not allowed to light fireworks on the park or at the accommodations, you can only do so on the beach.
  13. You are not allowed to use clotheslines. A drying rack is available for your laundry.
  14. The maximum speed throughout the park is 15 kilometres per hour.
  15. You must park your car(s) in the area reserved for this at your accommodation. Depending on the home, 1 to 4 parking spots are available to you. You are not allowed to park your car outside of these spots. The parking spots at the apartments are numbered, where the number corresponds to the apartment number. Should you need more parking space, you can park your car at the parking lot at the reception.
  16. Trucks and buses are only allowed on the park for deliveries or for moving.
  17. At the water at our park, there is a maximum sailing speed of 5 kilometres per hour (this includes the water behind the drawbridge). The legal sailing rules from Rijkswaterstaat also apply.

17.1 There is a minimum age of 12 years for sailing a motorized boat.

17.2 You need to have a sailing license to sail a boat with more than 5 hp. Other legal requirements also apply in that case: for example, your boat needs to be equipped with a fire extinguisher, life jackets, CBR registration, insurance (check your coverage) and part 1 of the sailing almanac. Checks frequently are made, both on and off the park, by the Water police, Rijkswaterstaat, and Customs Office, and violations are steeply fined.

17.3 You may not damage the water banks or shoring.

  1. If you wish to fish at the park, you must have a fishing license. You can acquire it at the sports fishing shop in Makkum.
  2. The accommodation can only be used by up to the amount of persons it is booked for. If you receive visitors in your accommodation, you need to inform the reception. If guests stay the night, a surcharge applies (sheets and resort fee). The Beach Resorts Makkum staff is authorized to check the number of booked persons in the accommodation.

19.1 The accommodation has a full inventory. You must check this upon arrival, and must immediately report any missing and/or damaged items.

19.2 You may not move furniture/beds/blankets etc. outside. The hallway and corridors of the apartments can not be used as storage or bike shed.

19.3 Upon departure, you need to leave the accommodation in a neat fashion. This means you sweep the floor of the accommodation, do not leave any dirty dishes and empty the dishwasher if applicable, take used bedsheets off of the beds and put them in the hallway, and you throw your waste into the bins on the property (sorted by paper, glass, and rest waste).


When the park regulations are breached (and/or you do not follow instructions from the management and/or staff), Beach Resorts Makkum may settle this through your deposit, or in serious cases, immediately remove you from the park. (Also see our General Conditions.)