Beach Resorts Makkum
Pentecost The Netherlands
  • Apartments, bungalows and villas
  • Most beautiful spot at the IJsselmeer
  • With wellness options

Experience Pentecost at the IJsselmeer

Pentecost is the right moment to get away for a while and find some peace and quiet in Friesland. Beach Resorts Makkum is the perfect place to rent a home during the Pentecost weekend. Get away from the bustle of daily life for a while and relax completely at a home at the water. You can also book a holiday during a weekend away for Pentecost at the last minute with us. Who will join you when you spend Pentecost in Friesland?


Book a vacation during the Pentecost weekend โคต


Your stay during Pentecost

At Beach Resorts Makkum you can spend Pentecost at a luxurious villa, a beautiful bungalow or a pleasant apartment. The villas, bungalows and apartments are situated right at the IJsselmeer and have a luxurious interior. Would you like to relax optimally during your weekend away for Pentecost? Opt for an accommodation with wellness possibilities! We offer accommodations for any group. Whether you visit with your family or just with the two of you. No problem at Beach Resorts Makkum! The park has a beautiful surrounding area for you to explore during your Pentecost vacation in Friesland. Go on a day trip to one of the eleven cities of Friesland for example, or go for amazing hiking and cycling trips. Who will join you when you spend the Pentecost weekend in Makkum?