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Vacation house with a bath
  • Holiday homes with a bathtub
  • Various water sports on the IJsselmeer
  • Natural area with cycling routes

Spending a vacation in a vacation house with a bath

Would you like to enjoy luxury and space on the IJsselmeer? Then come and spend your vacation at Beach Resorts Makkum, where you can relax wonderfully in a vacation house with a bath! Almost all of our apartments, villas and bungalows have a bath, but also a spacious interior and sufficient parking space at your accommodation. Thanks to space, luxury, and relaxation, you can relax completely during your vacation in a house with a bathtub. Due to the beautiful location on the beach and the IJsselmeer you won't be bored for even a moment. This way you can get a breath of fresh air on the beach, bicycle or hike through nature, or do beach or water sports!

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To dos near your vacation house with a bath

There is plenty to do at Beach Resorts Makkum and you will experience an unforgettable vacation! For a snack and a drink you can go to Strandhuys Makkum, where you can enjoy meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes and have a view of the beach. Thanks to the great location on the IJsselmeer, you can also do various water sports during your stay in a house with a bath, such as sailing, windsurfing, supping, or boating. But also fishing is certainly possible! Would you like to explore the natural surroundings? Then rent a bicycle at the bicycle rental and try one of the beautiful bicycling routes near your vacation home with a bathtub!

A selection from our facilities⤵

  • Miniature golf course
  • Water sports on the IJsselmeer
  • Strandhuys Makkum
  • Tennis court
  • Snack and Ice Cream House Makkum

Your stay in a vacation house with a bathtub

Are you staying in a vacation house with a bath? Then you will experience extensive luxury, space and relaxation! Our accommodations have a spacious interior, are detached, and are fully equipped. A coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher and dryer; it can all be found in your house with a bathtub. Some accommodations at Beach Resorts Makkum have a dock from which you can go boating on the IJsselmeer with your own boat or a rented boat! In our vacation houses you will experience space and luxury, and you will experience a relaxing vacation!


What people asked us⤵

🛁 Which accommodations have a bath?

At Beach Resorts Makkum, almost all apartments, vacation homes and bungalows are equipped with a bathtub. These vacation houses with a bath also have a nice–looking interior, a spacious living room, and a kitchen equipped with all conveniences!

👪 Which facilities can be found at Beach Resorts Makkum?

Near your house with a bathtub there is plenty to do for young and old! Due to the beautiful location on the IJsselmeer, you can get a breath of fresh air, undertake various water sports, and go on a nice bicycle trip. At Strandhuys Makkum you can enjoy a snack and a drink and you can have fun on the miniature golf course!