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windsurfing at the IJsselmeer
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The ultimate windsurfing holiday in The Netherlands

Beach Resorts Makkum is a paradise for windsurfers. Constant wind, no dependence on the tide and a lot of wonderful sunshine. That is what windsurfing on the IJsselmeer looks like! It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer either. Everyone is welcome here to try the amazing water sport. Beach Resorts Makkum is located near the beach. This is ideal for setting up the windsurfing equipment, because you don't waste time on its preparation. Other water sports are available in addition to windsurfing, such as sailing, SUP boarding, kitesurfing, boating and wingsurfing. Who will join you for some windsurfing in Friesland?

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Your stay during your windsurfing holiday in Makkum

Beach Resorts Makkum is the perfect base camp for an amazing windsurfing holiday at the IJsselmeer. Makkum is the place to be for Dutch windsurfing sports in September with a unique two-day competition: The Real Trip. This competition is among the most successful windsurfing events in The Netherlands! You won't want to miss it! So go ahead and book your stay at a comfortable bungalow, luxurious villa or pleasant apartment. Experience the peace and space and enjoy the beautiful area of Friesland during your windsurfing holiday.


Discover the accommodations of Beach Resorts Makkum โคต๏ธŽ

An overview of our facilities:


Beach and IJsselmeer

Our park is situated at the IJsselmeer and has private beaches, making it ideal for a beach holiday.ย 


Sports and games

Play tennis, miniature golf or soccer billiards or explore the playgrounds and sports fields with your children.


Food and drinks

Enjoy our pleasant restaurant with a terrace at the beach, a refreshing ice cream parlor and a snack corner.


What to see during your windsurfing holiday at the IJsselmeer

Beach Resorts Makkum and its area offer everything you need for an amazing windsurfing holiday in The Netherlands. Stay at a comfortable accommodation, walk along the pleasant boulevard and, of course, along the IJsselmeer. In addition to windsurfing, you can pay a visit to the eleven cities of Friesland and look at each of the eleven fountains. You can also enjoy something to eat and a drink at the park at our restaurant at the boulevard. Visit the reception desk of Beach Resorts Makkum for wonderful walking and cycling routes. You can rent windsurfing equipment at various windsurfing schools and surf shops in the area of the park to go windsurfing in Friesland.


The area of your windsurfing holiday:

  • Bolsward - 16 minutes by car
  • Sneek - 20 minutes by car
  • Harlingen - 20 minutes by car
  • IJlst - 24 minutes by car
  • Hindeloopen - 25 minutes by car
  • Leeuwarden - 35 minutes by car

Frequently asked questions about windsurfing at the IJsselmeer

๐Ÿ„ What is the best place for windsurfing in Friesland?

Windsurfing is a cool water sport you can enjoy during your windsurfing holiday in The Netherlands. Beach Resorts Makkum is a holiday paradise when it comes to windsurfing. The IJsselmeer has constant wind, no effects of the tide and a lot of wonderful sunshine.

๐ŸŒŠ In addition to windsurfing, what other water sports can I enjoy?

In addition to windsurfing, you can also go sailing, SUP boarding, wingsurfing and boating during your windsurfing holiday in Friesland. In short, there is plenty to do at Beach Resorts Makkum if you are a real water sports enthusiast.

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