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Beach vacation in the Netherlands

Beach vacation in Makkum in Friesland

  • By the IJsselmeer
  • Bungalows, villas, and apartments
  • Plenty of water sports opportunities

Enjoy a beach vacation in the Netherlands by the IJsselmeer

A beach vacation is delightful, especially if you can enjoy it in your own country. No spending hours in the car! Just visit Makkum in Friesland. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy the sun, water, beach, and charming promenade of Makkum.  Whereas in the fall and winter, you can enjoy the windy weather outside on the beach or along the dike. In short, Beach Resort Makkum is a lovely place for a beach vacation in the Netherlands during any season.  Our vacation resort is located by the beach of the IJsselmeer. Several accommodations are even located directly on the beach. Likewise, the bungalows are within walking distance of the beach. Now that is a real beach vacation in the Netherlands!

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Vacation home on the beach

At Beach Resort Makkum, we have several accommodations by the beach of Makkum.  Can you imagine waking up to a view of the beach? Alternatively, you can enjoy a stunning sunset from your beachfront vacation home in the evening. With us, you can stay overnight in different types of luxury villas, such as a beachfront villa or beach villa, which are located directly on the beach. Thus, all you have to do is step outside your door, and you can enjoy the beach. Furthermore, we have the most beautiful bungalows within walking distance of the beach at Beach Resort Makkum. Would you rather sleep in an apartment? That is also an option. We have several apartment complexes by the beach that offer a stunning view of the IJsselmeer. When will you book a vacation home by the beach?


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A sample of our facilities:


Beach and IJsselmeer

Our resort is located by the IJsselmeer and has private beaches, making it perfect for a beach vacation. 


Boat and bicycle rental

 Rent an electric bicycle, e-chopper, boat, canoe, or SUP board and discover the stunning surroundings of Makkum.


Sports and games

Play tennis, miniature golf, or foosball, or discover the playgrounds and sports fields together with your children.


Food and drinks

Beach Resort Makkum has an atmospheric restaurant with a beachfront terrace, an ice cream parlor, and a snack corner.


All the ingredients for an unforgettable beach vacation in Friesland

Beach Resort Makkum and the surrounding area offer everything you need for a carefree beach vacation in the Netherlands.  You can find lovely accommodation directly on or close to the beach, a charming promenade, and, of course, the IJsselmeer.  The IJsselmeer is perfectly suited for swimming, sailing, surfing, or, even more spectacular, kite surfing! Furthermore, you can also visit the 11 cities of the Eleven Cities Tour in Friesland during your beach vacation in the Netherlands. Tip: Also, check out the 11 fountains located in these cities. Rent a boat during your vacation to discover the IJsselmeer. Alternatively, stay at the resort and enjoy a snack and a drink in our restaurant by the beach. What will you do during your beach vacation in the Netherlands?


Makkum's beach promenade:

  • Charming sidewalk cafes
  • (Kite-)surfing schools
  • Shops
  • A catamaran sailing school
  • A restaurant and sidewalk cafe with a view of the IJsselmeer.
  • Beach library (open seven days a week during summer vacation from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Frequently asked questions about a beach vacation in the Netherlands

Where can I book a vacation home by the beach?

Would you like to wake up, look out the window, and see the stunning beach? Then book a vacation home by the beach at Beach Resort Makkum! We have different types of bungalows, villas, and even apartments by the stunning beach of Makkum.

What is a lovely destination for a beach vacation in the Netherlands?

You can enjoy a beach vacation in the Netherlands at Beach Resort Makkum. Our vacation resort is located right on the beach of Makkum. This beach is not only ideal for swimmers and sunbathers, but water sports enthusiasts can also indulge themselves on the IJsselmeer. When can we welcome you?

Where can I stay overnight by the beach of Makkum?

Needless to say, after a delightful day spent on the stunning beach of Makkum, you would prefer to stay for another day. That is why you can also stay overnight at Beach Resort Makkum near the beach! Stay in a villa, apartment, or bungalow. There is something for everyone.

What is there to do on the beach promenade of Makkum?

The beach promenade of Makkum comprises charming sidewalk cafes and many shops. Furthermore, you will find several water sports companies on the promenade, such as a catamaran sailing school and (kite-)surfing schools. Thus, there are plenty of things to do during your beach vacation on the promenade!

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Beach vacation in Makkum