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Discover Makkum during your cycling holiday in Friesland

Are you looking for an ideal destination for a cycling holiday? Consider a cycling holiday in Friesland! Friesland has many beautiful cycling routes, for instance, along the IJsselmeer, along the eleven cities or through beautiful nature. After a day full of beautiful cycling routes , you can spend the night at Beach Resorts Makkum. We have various luxurious accommodations at or near the beach, where you can relax after cycling, or are you going to take a nice dip in the IJsselmeer? We understand that it is not always possible to bring your own bicycle, which is why we also rent out bicycles at Beach Resorts Makkum! When can we welcome you?


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Cycling in Friesland with a luxury overnight stay

After a wonderful day of cycling, you want to spend the night comfortably. At Beach Resorts Makkum, we have different types of luxury accommodations . For example, spend the night in a bungalow on the waterside or in an apartment with a beautiful view of the IJsselmeer. Do you prefer to stay in a bigger accommodation? Book a villa on the waterside or at the beach or book a wellness accommodation with a sauna, bubble bath or whirlpool! In short, there is an accommodation for everyone in which you can enjoy spending the night during your cycling holiday. With whom are you going on a cycling holiday in Friesland at Beach Resorts Makkum?

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A selection of our facilities:


Private beach 

Our park has private beaches at the IJsselmeer.


Sports and games

You don't have to be bored for a moment in our park!


Food and drink

Enjoy all our catering establishments in our park.


Tips for the best cycling routes from Makkum

From Makkum, there are several nice cycling routes in the area. For example, cycle the Ald Faers Erfroute. This 20-kilometer museum route offers a nice variety of nature and culture. You can also cycle various day trips during your cycling holiday in Friesland. How about a day trip to Harlingen (20 km), Heeg (25 km), Stavoren (26 km) or Balk (30 km)? Or would you rather cycle along the IJsselmeer? Long-distance cyclists can ideally cycle (part of) the cycling route along the eleven cities of Friesland or the Zuiderzee route (300 km) from our park.  Of course, you can also plot your own routes using the cycling nodes. Which cycling route in Friesland do you prefer?

Tips for the best cycling routes

  • The Ald Faers Erf route
  • Zuiderzee route
  • Eleven cities of Friesland
  • Harlingen
  • Heeg
  • Stavoren

Frequently asked questions about a cycling holiday in Friesland

What is a nice location for a cycling holiday?

Friesland! Friesland has everything for a nice cycling holiday. Whether you like nature, culture or the beach, there is a beautiful route for everyone that meets the wishes of your cycling holiday in Friesland.

Which holiday park at the IJsselmeer is nice for a cycling holiday?

Beach Resorts Makkum is an ideal base for a cycling holiday at the IJsselmeer. Our park is located at the IJsselmeer. We offer various accommodations that have a beautiful view of the water. Did you know that you can also book a cycling holiday at the IJsselmeer last-minute with us?

Where can I cycle beautiful routes in Friesland with an overnight stay?

Beach Resorts Makkum not only has luxury accommodations for a comfortable overnight stay during your cycling holiday in Friesland, but it also has a wide range of beautiful cycling routes. For example, cycle along the IJsselmeer, to the eleven cities of Friesland or through beautiful nature.

Can I rent bicycles at Beach Resorts Makkum?

We understand that you cannot always take your bicycle with you on your cycling holiday. That is why we rent out bicycles at Beach Resorts Makkum. We rent out bicycles, e-bikes and family bicycles.


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