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Kitesurfing holiday in Makkum, Friesland

"Really spectacular! From my luxurious bungalow at the beach, I admired the kitesurfers on the IJsselmeer. Leaning back with a drink in my hand, I thought: Tomorrow I'm going to try that too, this will be great!" An experience of one of our valued guests about Beach Resorts Makkum. Together with his family he returns every year for a kitesurfing holiday in Friesland. Makkum is one of the most popular kitesurfing spots in the Netherlands. Kornwerderzand is just around the corner and there are many kitesurfing schools in the area to get the hang of it or to become even better. Book a villa, bungalow, or apartment and enjoy a kitesurfing holiday in the Netherlands!

Search and book your kitesurfing holiday in Makkum โคต๏ธŽ

Make kitesurfing in Friesland unforgettable

How? By choosing a kitesurfing holiday in Makkum at Beach Resorts Makkum! Why? It is a short step onto the beach from your villa, bungalow, or apartment. Here, you get an immediate impression of the conditions, wind direction, and wind strength. Perfect for deciding what the day will bring! The beach is also perfect for relaxing after kitesurfing in the Netherlands. How can you relax even more? Get a breath of fresh air during a walk along our boulevard or relax in your luxurious accommodation (optionally with wellness)! All this guarantees a wonderful kitesurfing holiday.

Discover the accommodations of Beach Resorts Makkum โคต๏ธŽ

A selection of our facilities:


Beach and IJsselmeer

Our park is located at the IJsselmeer and has private beaches, ideal for a kitesurfing holiday.


Sports and games

Play tennis, miniature golf, or foot billiards or discover the playgrounds and sports fields with your children.


Food and drink

Makkum Beach has a charming restaurant with a terrace at the beach, a delicious ice cream parlor, and a snack corner.


Learn to kitesurf in Makkum

Is it your wish to learn kitesurfing in the Netherlands? Then Beach Resorts Makkum is the place to be! Close to our resort you will find several certified kitesurfing schools and surf shops, so you can quickly master the spectacular sport. You can have private lessons or lessons in groups. For example, consider NorthWest Kiteboarding, Funsport Makkum, and Surf N Sail Makkum. They teach you the sport and before you know it you are on the board exploring the IJsselmeer. Would you rather not go out on the water yourself? From the beach or your accommodation, it is also great fun to admire the antics of the kitesurfers. Really spectacular, such a kitesurfing holiday!

Why kitesurf in Makkum?

  • Kitesurfing fun all year round
  • Kitesurfing schools and surf shops in the area
  • Resort with a private beach
  • From the beach you can get on the board in no time
  • Super popular water sports town

Frequently asked questions about kitesurfing in Friesland:

โฐ When can I kitesurf in Makkum?

All year round! For five months, from October 1st to May 1st, it is possible to kitesurf in Makkum, Do you prefer a kitesurfing holiday outside the surfing season? From May 1st to October 1st, you can visit the nearby located Kornwerderzand, just 10 kilometers from our holiday park.

๐Ÿ„ Can I also learn kitesurfing in the Netherlands?

Yes, you can learn kitesurfing in Makkum, Friesland. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to learn. There are several kitesurfing schools in Makkum. Also perfect when you want to refresh your skills. After all, safety comes first! Will we see you soon for a water sports holiday?

๐Ÿ“ Where can I go on a kitesurfing holiday in the Netherlands?

Beach Resorts Makkum is the place for a kitesurfing holiday! The resort is located right at the beach, where you can admire the kitesurfers. A spectacular sight! And do you dare to go out on the water yourself? There are several surf shops and kitesurfing schools nearby. Will we see you soon for a weekend of kiting?

Kitesurfing Makkum