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Vacation near Sneek; this is the best place to be

  • At 20 minutes by car from Sneek
  • Luxurious holiday homes at the water
  • Amazing location at the beach

Enjoy a holiday at the water

Have you always wanted to rent a holiday home in the vicinity of the cozy city of Sneek? At Beach Resorts Makkum, you have the option of staying at a luxury holiday park 25 kilometers from Sneek. We offer you lots of spacious bungalows, luxury villas and apartments on the water to choose from. You can opt for a luxurious holiday with a great view over the water, or a spacious bungalow with a large garden. You will find a holiday according to your wishes and needs with us. You won't be bored for a moment at our holiday park near Sneek. But from Beach Resorts Makkum you can also easily make a trip to Sneek, a pleasant city with a historic center that's really worth a visit!

To-do's during your vacation

Will you stay at a holiday home in the area of Sneek? If so, you are guaranteed to have a great time every day! For instance, you won't even have to leave the park to experience an unforgettable holiday. At Beach Resorts Makkum in Friesland you will find a pleasant boulevard with great catering establishments where you can enjoy meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. But you can also enjoy a delicious ice cream. The Friesland city of Sneek is a good option for a day out. This city has cozy terraces, beautiful canals, a historic city center and even an indoor playground called Ballorig for an day out with the children. When will you book your holiday home near Sneek and walk through this pleasant city?

Cool things to do in Sneek⤵

  • Walk along the pleasant boulevard of Makkum
  • Pay a visit to the pleasant city of Sneek
  • Enjoy various water sports
  • Get a breath of fresh air at the beach

Your holiday home in the area of Sneek

Would you like to stay at a holiday park near Sneek? At Beach Resorts Makkum you have lots ofspacious bungalows, luxury villas and beautiful apartments to choose from! From each accommodation you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake IJssel and the beach is nearby. You will find villas in all shapes and sizes at Beach Resorts Makkum. You can come and enjoy a holiday with us even with a group of 12 people. The villas are luxuriously furnished and have a breathtaking view over the water. You are guaranteed to find a holiday home near Sneek at Beach Resorts Makkum!

Sneek is this close from Beach Resorts Makkum ⤵

What people asked us⤵

🤩 What activities are available in Sneek?

Sneek is a pleasant city located at 20 minutes by car from Beach Resorts Makkum and is perfect for a day out. You can visit the historic city center, walk along the beautiful canals, enjoy the cozy terraces, immerse yourself in Friesland's museums or take your childrenen to an indoor playground called Ballorig!

🐕 Can my dog join me on holiday at Beach Resorts Makkum?

We understand that your holiday at Sneek would not be complete without your four-legged friend, which is why we offer pet-friendly accommodations as well. There is even a dog-walking area where dogs are allowed off their leash across from our park!