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Discover Makkum with your dog

  • Vacation by the IJsselmeer
  • Waterfront bungalows, villas, and apartments
  • Close to an off-leash area for dogs

On vacation with your dog in Friesland

You would like to go on vacation with all your family members to the Netherlands. Needless to say, your faithful four-legged friend is also part of this! Your dog should definitely not be missing during your vacation in Friesland. At Beach Resorts Makkum, we understand that. Therefore, in a large number of vacation homes at our vacation resort, dogs are simply allowed. Across the resort, there is an off-leash area for dogs. They can enjoy themselves there. From October 1st through April 15th, you can take your dog to the beach of Makkum. Enjoy "paddling" together or swimming in the IJsselmeer. When will you book a vacation with your dog by the water?

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Rent a cottage with your dog in Friesland

At Beach Resorts Makkum, you can rent cottages in Friesland that are highly suitable for a vacation with your dog. What do you think about a villa directly on the beach? Alternatively, how about a vacation home with a fenced yard? These are just a few examples of the many types of accommodations where your dog may accompany you on vacation. Can you picture it? After a lovely day full of walking and fun, you arrive back at your luxury accommodation. It is equipped with all the modern conveniences, so you and your dog will not lack anything! Enjoy spending time together in the cottage with your family or friends and your dog by your side, of course. In short, if you are looking for the perfect vacation destination for your vacation with your dog, you have found it!


Our accommodations in Friesland:

  • Accommodating up to 12 people
  • By the IJsselmeer
  • Option for wellness facilities
  • Option for a jetty
  • Close to an off-leash area for dogs

Go on a trip to Friesland together with your dog

There are plenty of things to do with your pet at Beach Resorts Makkum. How about a long walk through the stunning Frisian nature reserves? Alternatively, how about swimming together in the IJsselmeer? Indeed, your dog can also enjoy the water from October to April. Moreover, because the IJsselmeer is knee-deep far from the shore, the water is safe for your dog and possibly even your children. Your dog can play with the waves in the surf, your children can play with their kites in the wind, and you? You can enjoy the beach or the many water sports activities. Whether you kite surf, windsurf, or standup paddleboard, you will enjoy the perfect water (sports) vacation in Makkum either way!

 ✦ Review | An excellent vacation, even for our dogs ✦

"Our dogs had plenty of room in the villa, including space to play. At the resort with the dogs, there is walking (on a leash, but no problem), plenty of room, provided poop receptacles, and during the off-season, you may also walk on the beaches.  Right across from the resort is an off-leash area for dogs around a body of water. There, the dogs could enjoy running and playing off the leash."

Greetings from Willem and Margo, Poot Dushi, and Jameelah 🐾


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Beach and IJsselmeer

Our resort is located by the IJsselmeer and has private beaches, making it perfect for a beach vacation. 


Boat and bicycle rental

 Rent an electric bicycle, e-chopper, boat, canoe, or SUP board and discover the stunning surroundings of Makkum.


Sports and games

Play tennis, miniature golf, or foosball, or discover the playgrounds and sports fields together with your children.


Food and drinks

Makkum Beach has an atmospheric restaurant with a beachfront terrace, a tasty ice cream parlor, and a snack corner.

Vacation with your dog

Discover the off-leash dog area in Friesland

The off-leash dog area across from Beach Resorts Makkum is the perfect place to enjoy walking with your dog during a vacation in Makkum. Here your faithful four-legged friend can go completely wild in the tall grass or take a refreshing dip. The off-leash dog area has several small beaches where your dog can go in the water. Furthermore, dogs are allowed to enjoy themselves on the large beach of Beach Resorts Makkum. This is valid for the period from October 1st to April 15th. However, you must keep your dog on a leash, just like in the resort itself.


Frequently asked questions about a vacation with your dog

🐾 What is a lovely waterfront destination for a vacation with my dog?

Friesland! Friesland is the perfect destination for a vacation with your dog by the water. Beach Resorts Makkum is located by the IJsselmeer and is close to an off-leash area for dogs. At our resort, you and your dog will stay overnight in stunning, pet-friendly, and luxurious accommodations.

🐾 At which vacation resort in Friesland can I rent a cottage for my dog and me?

At Beach Resorts Makkum, you can rent several cottages for you and your dog. For example, you can stay overnight in a bungalow, villa, or apartment and enjoy lovely walks on the beach or at the off-leash area for dogs in Friesland during the day.

🐾 Can I book a vacation cottage with a fenced yard at Beach Resorts Makkum?

Indeed, we have several bungalows and villas with a fenced yard. This allows you to let your dog enjoy playing outside while you relax and watch from your terrace. When can we welcome you and your dog?

🐾 What is a nice beach for dogs in Friesland?

The beach of Makkum! Our beach is located by the IJsselmeer in Friesland. From October to April, your dog can enjoy running, playing, and swimming here! Please note that your dog must be on a leash on the beach. When will you book a weekend, midweek, or week away in Friesland?


Our guests rate this accommodation with an average of 9.4.

Vacation with your dog