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Musical "De Tocht" in Leeuwarden

Musical "De Tocht": where the Elfstedentocht comes to life.

When you think of Friesland, you think of the Elfstedentocht. From September 15th, Friesland's biggest spectacle musical "De Tocht" will be shown. For anyone who dreams of one day participating in an Elfstedentocht again: "It giet oan"!  The spectacular musical "De Tocht" tells the story of the Elfstedentocht: the story of hardship, perseverance and the power of friendship. A spectacular musical in Friesland that is played at the Friso theater in Leeuwarden, built specifically for that purpose.  Experience it yourself, book a stay at Beach Resorts Makkum and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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Combine your weekend away with visiting the musical

Would you like to visit the musical and enjoy a wonderful weekend in Friesland at the same time? If so, Beach Resorts Makkum is the right place for you! We offer you the options of staying at a villa, bungalow or apartment located on the IJsselmeer.  Whether you travel with your partner, best friend, your partner and children or the whole family, we offer a suitable accommodation in Makkum for every group! From Beach Resorts Makkum, it is 35 minutes by car to the Friso Theater in Leeuwarden.

Visit the Frisian Eleven Cities

Complete the experience of the Eleven Cities Tour and visit the Frisian Eleven Cities during your stay in Makkum.  The Frisian Eleven Cities are eleven towns in Friesland that have been granted city rights. The order is the same as the last ice skating Eleven Cities Tours: Sneek, IJlst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen, Franeker, Dokkum and over the Bonkefeart back to the finish in Leeuwarden. Here, you can go for a great walk, enjoy nature, visit museums and relax on a patio. When will you come explore Friesland?


Frequently asked questions:

🎟️ How much does a ticket to musical "De Tocht" cost?

The ticket prices vary between €39.50 and €99.50, depending on your seat row and on which day you attend the musical. There is a regular rate and a weekend rate. The weekend rate applies during school holidays as well. For more information about the tickets, please visit the musical's website.

🎭 In which theater can you watch the musical?

The musical is performed in a new theater that was built especially for "De Tocht" in Leeuwarden. With a 360º ice floor measuring 2,000 m² and the latest theater techniques, 1,460 spectators can experience the Elfstedentocht in every performance along with the main characters from our story, in all of its extremes.